The ‘Steenhouwerskade 8’ property is located in the city center of Groningen just behind the Westerhaven. The ‘Steenhouwerskade 8’ is a former office building and has been transformed into a residential building by the previous owner. This building is the second largest office building in this area of the city center where living spaces have been realized. In total, the property has 215 homes. Veldboom is currently working on transforming the building and the surrounding area into a sustainable residential area in order to ultimately increase the overall living enjoyment. The renovated homes will have a contemporary look with a modern kitchen. Veldboom will deliver the renovated homes gas-free and the homes will be provided with energy label A or higher in order to optimize the future-proofing of this property. In addition, we offer a safe, livable living environment for the residents at Steenhouwerskade 8. In February 2022, several cameras were installed both inside and around the building by 3B Beveiligingstechniek to make residents feel safe and to stimulate social cohesion. In order to create a bond between residents, there are common areas such as bicycle sheds, a launderette, and a parking garage. The bicycle shed and parking garage are located in the basement of the building. By moving all bicycles to the storage room, all bicycles have disappeared from the streetscape. This allows local residents and tenants to walk in front of and along the building without obstacles. In the short term, Veldboom is also investigating the possibility of adding more floors to ‘Steenhouwerskade 8’ in order to offer more housing to the residents of Groningen.