Veldboom not only develops real estate, we also rent and manage it. The demand for housing remains high. We respond to this by creating and managing smart rental homes that focus on the enjoyment of living.

As such, Veldboom is a central party in both the development and the rental and management of the developed real estate locations. This overarching function ensures that we are aware of all aspects of the property and that we can maintain short lines of communication

As a landlord and manager, our responsibilities include the financial, administrative, and technical management of real estate. Our rental professionals act as a central point of contact for rental and management. In this way, we ensure continuity and clarity for all parties involved.

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Our rental professionals are available to answer all kinds of questions. In addition, we take care of rent collection and all contractual matters surrounding the rental properties. We keep our properties habitable and ensure a high-quality living and working climate. Where necessary, we work together with licensed professionals to ensure professional management.

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Are you a tenant of Veldboom? You can go to this page with questions about your home.