The Pikeursbaan 9,11 & Verzetslaan 30 project in Deventer is currently in full swing. The Pikeursbaan 9,11 and the Verzetslaan 30 will become a mix of housing and offices and together they will contribute to the De Kien City Campus. The Kien City Campus encompasses the station area of ​​Deventer. The project is being carried out by Bouwbedrijf Wijlens together with Rouwenhorst Isolatie, Van Dorp, Evers Partners and Eissink plafond- wandsystemen. In addition, the municipality of Deventer, Urban Climate Architects and Witteveen + Bos are also involved in this project. The goal is to transform the Pikeursbaan 9,11 & Verzetslaan 30, previously vacant office buildings, into a sustainable residential area including commercial spaces for innovative businesses. The first phase of this project is expected to be completed in Q3 2022. The final phase of this project will be completed in Q4 2022.

Pikeursbaan 9 and Verzetslaan 30 are currently in the realization phase. As of February 1, 2022, Witteveen + Bos has completed the first 3 floors of Pikeursbaan 9. On Pikeursbaan 9, we are undergoing extensive renovation work and we are halfway through the process. Two residential floors are being transformed and an environmental permit was requested in February because we want to add one more floor to Pikeursbaan 9. Ultimately, we want to realize 8 apartments on each floor to ultimately create 24 apartments.

At the end of December 2021, an environmental permit was requested for the ground floor at Verzetslaan 30. At the beginning of April 2022, Veldboom received this environmental permit, with which the adjustments to the ground floor at Verzetslaan 30 have been approved. With this, the work for the last floor of the new Witteveen en Bos office can be planned. We are very pleased with this. Partly because of this permit, we not only want to make the ground floor at Verzetslaan 30 more modern, but also more transparent in order to ultimately create a suitable appearance for the area.

The Pikeursbaan 11 is currently in the design phase. Three floors are currently being transformed here and 2 floors are being added to create a total of 33 apartments. The ground floor remains an office space. In order to provide sufficient outdoor quality, private balconies are being constructed on the top two floors. Furthermore, we will create a public garden for all residents to encourage social control between residents and to provide sufficient outdoor quality. For the sake of unity, all three buildings will have a corresponding use of materials and design.

In order to not only provide people with sports facilities, but also social cohesion, a fitness room is available for residents at Pikeursbaan 9 & 11. There is also a launderette available to bring the residents together. We also have the mobility of our residents in mind. As such, all bicycles have been moved from ground level to a large bicycle shed, for example. In order to give a green impulse to the environment, in addition to the public garden, green roof facades are also being realized for nature inclusivity. Ultimately, with this project, we want to give a green impulse to the area and the development of De Kien. Innovative companies, start-ups and starters are welcome to rent a unit at Pikeursbaan 9,11 or Verzetslaan 30.