Veldboom develops projects at several locations in the Netherlands in which Urban Climate Architects plays a major role. As a permanent partner, the architectural firm from Delft contributes to a variety of area development and major transformations. Owner Tim Vermeend explains why he finds the way of collaborating pleasant and explains how Veldboom, together with Urban Climate Architects, shapes a project like Entree Zoetermeer in a sustainable way.

Veldboom opts for quality
It is our joint focus to create good-quality homes that fit in with the environment. “We don’t only pay attention to the appearance, but also advise Veldboom on how a project can be lifted to a higher level, in terms of energy label and environment impact. Sustainability and the quality we add to larger projects are, I think, factors for Veldboom to work with us. Conversely, it is decisive for Urban Climate Architects that Veldboom is a client where the level of ambition is not minimal, but rather that they look at what is maximally achievable. I think that is a very good way of working.”

About the way of collaborating
The projects by Veldboom in which Urban Climate Architects is involved vary in magnitude. “But they actually all start with the same issue. Whether it concerns Almere, Deventer, Harderwijk, Scheveningen or Zoetermeer. We assess the location, figure out how to deal with it, and how we can achieve the best result together. The answer could be demolition and new construction, but also the transformation of commercial premises with cultural-historical value, or, for example, urban expansion.”

Veldboom project: Entree Zoetermeer
“Zoetermeer is a good example because a neighborhood is being built here with 1272 homes, including employment opportunities, parking facilities, and integration into the stratification of the environment. The next step that Veldboom is taking here – and I am personally very happy with this – is the choice for a Breaam certification”. A prestigious certification method for a sustainably built environment. “Here, everything ranging from the addition of biodiversity to the right choice of materials is scrutinized. Veldboom is taking on a leading role and that is very interesting.”

“Despite the size of Veldboom, there are short lines of communication and well-considered, quick decisions are being made.” – Tim Vermeend

Pleasant contact
“My contact is usually with Johannes Flim, René de Man, or Axel Veldboom himself. It is a friendly collaboration in which I think it is good that there is a lot of openness. I also notice that as an organization they are flexible and make quick decisions. Every day I see that many project developers have difficulty with this. Not at Veldboom, they can make a good decision right away. There really aren’t many parties that can do that. Certainly given the size at which they operate, it is not something you’d expect. That is exceptional.”