Veldboom is developing an attractive living and working environment just outside the city center of Harderwijk. Here, 220 rental homes (assisted living homes, social rental homes, but also private sector rental homes) and office spaces are being built. Nijhuis Bouw is responsible for the implementation of the area development. We spoke with technical director Martin Weghorst about his experience with this partnership.

Martin Weghorst, Nijhuis Bouw
“Please call me by my first name,” Martin Weghorst emphasizes, with which he directly illustrates the connection between Veldboom and Nijhuis Bouw, which is professional but also approachable. “Since October 2018, I have been technical director at Nijhuis Bouw, location Rijssen (Overijssel). We provide the triangle region of Zwolle, Enschede, and Deventer with housing solutions. I myself am responsible for the implementation: from preliminary design to completion.” Including the striking Dichterskwartier Harderwijk project commissioned by Veldboom.

Veldboom project: Dichterskwartier
“This collaboration stems from a commission that our Assen location had done for Veldboom in 2018 in the Jullensblok,” consisting of approximately 200 apartments in the center of Groningen. “Because Nijhuis Bouw has knowledge of several construction methods, we were approached in 2019 for the Dichterskwartier project in Harderwijk. It is a concept by Veldboom, designed by the architects of Team 4. We carry out the construction and optimization.” It is expected to be completed in 2023.

Veldboom embraces good ideas
“I can be very honest about this assignment. I think it is a very nice and constructive collaboration. Within the project team there is room for individual input. Such that we were allowed to apply the good ideas we had.” A clear example of this is the installation concept, which responds to sustainability and anticipates rising energy prices. “In this case, we opted for central heat generation. We have mapped out the costs, but also the consumption and maintenance. The project team, led by Veldboom, responded very positively to this and implemented it.”

“I am impressed by Veldboom’s involvement in projects and entrepreneurship.” – Martin Weghorst

Pleasant contact with Veldboom|
“We are now discussing the implementation of another five or six projects. Our intention is therefore that we will have a constant collaboration with Veldboom in the coming years.” The contact persons for Martin Weghorst are Johannes Flim, Henk Kragt and Axel Veldboom. “Smooth, easily accessible contact, in my opinion. We speak each other’s language and I think we complement each other well. There are short lines of communication, something that not only Axel Veldboom appreciates, but also the other people who work there. We can call each other at any time of the day. That gives confidence.”