At the end of 2021, Veldboom became the owner of two properties, namely the Louis Armstrongweg 18-24 & 100 in Almere!

Both buildings are located in the Muziekwijk in Almere and were previously used as commercial office buildings. Almere Muziekwijk Station is located right next to the buildings. The former commercial buildings are being transformed into a high-quality and sustainable living environment, where we are investigating the possibility of adding multiple floors. For the Louis Armstrongweg 100, work will be carried out on the ground floor. For sports enthusiasts, space will be made available for a fitness room to stimulate the health and social bonding of the residents. In total, we expect to build approximately 21 homes at Louis Armstrongweg 100, and 23 homes are expected to be built at Louis Armstrongweg 18-24. In pursuit of sustainability, all apartments in both buildings will be gas-free.

Most living spaces are provided with a private outdoor space to strive for sufficient outdoor quality. In addition, the top floor will, besides maisonettes, also consist of green spaces and a spacious roof terrace. Juurlink + Geluk Urbanism & Landscape Design will design the entire area so that all individual buildings come together in a cohesive area in which functions and facilities come together to create a pleasant living environment. As such, cars and garbage containers are also hidden from view as much as possible. In this way, we create a nice place where people like to live and meet each other in a green neighborhood.

Previously, Louis Armstrongweg 36-42, 44-50, 78-84 and 122 were also purchased by Veldboom. Veldboom has the ambition to optimize the entire living and working environment on Louis Armstrongweg for optimal use of the various functions in this mixed area. Together with Juurlink + Geluk Urbanism & Landscape Design, De Architecten van Team 4, the municipality of Almere & Ingenieursgroep Emmen, we will realize.