The project at Kerkstraat 95 is located in Almere Haven. Kerkstraat 95 is located just behind the Almere Haven Centrum. Living at Kerkstraat 95 is ideal for people who want to live close to the center. In terms of development, we are currently in preliminary consultations with Urban Climate Architects. The Kerkstraat 95 used to be a bank building that had been vacant for years. Veldboom sees an opportunity to transform the empty building into a sustainable living environment. The new building will have a contemporary look, whereby the construction will be realized according to CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). This limits CO2 emissions as much as possible. 40 apartments will be realized in the building, which will be divided over 6 floors. In order to provide the tenants with sufficient outdoor quality, rooftop terraces and indoor balconies will be constructed. The rooftop terrace will become a place where tenants come together in order to stimulate social bonding between tenants. In order to build nature inclusively, we want to provide the roof terrace with greenery. In addition, a bicycle shed and a parking garage with charging options will be realized at Kerkstraat 95 to stimulate cycling and social cohesion. The project at Kerkstraat 95 is still in its early stages, so a lot still needs to be done. We expect to be able to deliver the project in 2024.