We like to share that Veldboom has become the owner of location Ebbehout 1 in Zaandam, better known as ‘De Tijdgeest’, as of February 2022. At this location, 306 new mid-rental and private sector apartments will be constructed. The environmental permit has already been issued for the construction of the complex. ‘De Tijdgeest’ is located a stone’s throw from the train station in Zaandam. A sustainable and high-quality residential building with 9 storeys will be built on the site of the former Achmea office. ‘De Tijdgeest’ will provide a housing boost in the bustling center of Zaandam. Underneath the new apartment complex, a modern 2-storey parking garage will be built.

The apartment complex consists of a composition of various building blocks, each with its own character. The homes are will be constructed sustainably with an EPG of 0.16. The residential building will also be equipped with a TES (Thermal Energy Storage) system, a sustainable and extremely economical energy source. ‘De Tijdgeest’ is located next to a well-known hot-spot for many Dutch and Europeans; The Zaanse Schans. The Zaanse Schans is home to the world-famous Zaanse Huisjes and numerous industrial windmills dating back to the 17th century.

De Architecten van Team 4 and Strategie Architecten bna are responsible for the design. The construction will be taken care of by Goudstikker – de Vries B.V. Ultimately, Veldboom will rent out the residential complex. We expect to start construction in Q3 2022.